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    Meal plan for Toddlers – 2 years +

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    This is a meal plan guide for your toddler on what and when to feed them. With this feeding style, you’ll have fewer doctor visits, colds or stomach upsets.┬áIt’s based on the essential food groups and the nutritional needs of your growing child

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    Weaning Guide: How to Feed Your Child from 6 Months to 12 Months

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    This detailed weaning guide is focused on parents and caregivers who are committed to boosting the baby’s immunity through diet, optimizing gut health and ensuring you’ve a good feeder even when a little older.

    You’ll equip yourself with the knowledge and skills on the best foods to wean your infant, foods to avoid and some excellent tips to make the process a lot easier for you and your little one.

    As a BONUS you’ll also get a 7-day meal plan for your 7 to 8 month baby.